Library Marketing and Communications Conference 2019 has ended

Rachel Gilmore

Shorewood-Troy Public Library
Marketing Specialist
Shorewood, Illinois
Would love to talk to library marketers at the conference or after for my MLIS Foundations class research essay on Library Marketing (due mid-Dec). Otherwise, after 25 years of freelance PR/Marketing/Communications work in educational/non-profit settings, I switched gears and became a library marketing specialist and I LOVE GOING TO WORK! Every. Single. Day. So excited to see ways to put my jack of all trades background to work for the library and would love to connect with other library marketers who are interested in collaborative projects, community engagement, and using data to help shape marketing/programming/outreach efforts. Also wondering if there are any other 50-somethings who went back to school or changed career gears and are currently navigating online grad school? School is waking up parts of my brain that have apparently been dormant for a while!